Reddit Buzz: Man Learns His Wife Is Cheating And Live-Updates The Fallout

Paula Mooney

One very popular page on Reddit is one where a man, whose Reddit handle is "MyLifeSuxNow," a guy who has written in excruciating detail how he discovered his wife was cheating on him after he took her phone – a woman he calls Jenny – and discovered salacious messages with a man named Zack. The first part of the Reddit post was submitted two days ago, on January 16, when the unnamed man posted a thread describing how he messed up by reading his wife's text messages and found out Jenny was cheating. It's a page that's so popular, Reddit temporarily placed it in read-only mode due to heavy traffic.

After a long introduction that talks about his history with his wife, the Reddit poster begins updating the Reddit post with live updates about the hiring of a private investigator. Since the man says he makes $212,000 annually compared to his wife Jenny's $30,000 salary, he claims he doesn't worry about getting screwed in a divorce. He also says that he and Jenny have a pre-nuptial agreement, so that further solidifies his confidence in making it out of the marriage financially sound – but it doesn't help to take away his hurt from learning that Jenny is sleeping with another man. Zack is a guy, the husband claims, who is not as physically well endowed as he is, so the husband doesn't understand why Jenny has cuckolded him, especially since he and his wife have an active sex life.

"I have screenshotted the texts and emailed them to myself. I feel like someone has shot me in the stomach :("
"Yelling, anger, sadness, crying, a ton of crying, pleading, explaining, contradicting. This isn't a great place to be right now. A huge part of my life is falling apart around me. I'll find a way to cope. I can get through this. So can my brother. I'll update as soon as I can."