Husband Pranks Wife In Epic Video, Makes Entire House One Massive Plastic Ball Pit [Video]

From the same man that brought you the “I killed my own kid” prank, we now have “house filled with plastic balls” prank. Roman Atwood dedicates his YouTube channel to pranking his poor wife.

In the video, you see Roman erect a trampoline inside the couple’s living room. He then brings a semi truck full of colorful plastic balls to his home. The balls are loaded in giant white bags and are poured, bag by bag, into the house. Roman is able to fill the house with so many plastic balls that the whole downstairs looks like one giant ball pit.

Roman can be seen jumping off the balcony onto the trampoline below, which is also filled with balls. Some of Roman’s friends join in on the fun, and prior to his wife’s arrival, the group can be seen playing away in the massive ball pit. When his wife calls to let Roman know she is on her way home, Roman fills the doorway to the brim with the plastic balls so that when his wife opens the door she will be attacked by a sea of colorful balls.

When Roman’s wife arrives, you can tell she is a little confused by all the large bags in the garage. She looks around but heads to the door anyway. When she opens the door, a wave of colorful plastic balls knocks her from the staircase. She enters the home and only seems mildly shocked by what she is witnessing.

I suppose if you husband has a YouTube channel dedicated to pranking you, nothing will surprise you anymore. What do you think? Was the prank funny or just fun?