Lil Wayne’s New ‘Fingers Hurting’ Song From ‘Sorry 4 The Wait 2’ Mixtape: Lyrics As Raunchy As He Wants Them To Be [Video]

Lil Wayne knows how to make a splash when he drops a new song and video, like the ‪”Lil Wayne — Fingers Hurting #Sorry4TheWait2‪” YouTube video by Lil Wayne that has received more than 86,000 views in the 20 hours since the new song was published on January 17. With its wild lyrics about a woman performing fellatio who wants to pause and talk with Lil Wayne about becoming his housewife – before he admonishes her to shut up and get back to the job at hand – “Fingers Hurting” starts off with what sounds like a man who is lighting up a joint and taking a deep toke before he begins rhyming.

Despite all the attention “Fingers Hurting” is getting at the moment, the newest song from Lil Wayne doesn’t seem to have the same catchy hook as the “Lil Wayne ‘Sh!t Remix’ #Sorry4TheWait2 YouTube Video,” another NSFW song that was recently released to much online attention, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Lil Wayne is apparently taking the bull by the horns when it comes to getting his much-awaited music out to the public’s listening ears. Lil Wayne does have a snippet video of “Fingers Hurting” on his official Twitter page, a YouTube video that shows him mostly rolling up weed and a pretty cohort sitting next to him on the couch, drinking alcohol straight from the bottle.

No word on if that special lady sitting next to Lil Wayne is Christina Milian, who hinted to the Huffington Post that her potential boyfriend could appear on her show, Christina Milian Turned Up, which premieres Sunday, January 18, on E!. The following video shows Milian telling Lil Wayne that she loves him over the phone.

Lil Wayne is definitely promoting the Milian vehicle on Facebook, having posted a message to his Facebook followers to check out the show. The Young Money Facebook is doing the same, but more than that, folks are wondering if the “Tuesday” at the end of the snippet video of the brand new cut from the new mixtape “Sorry 4 The Wait 2,” titled “Fingers Hurting,” means that Tuesday is the big day for Lil Wayne to finally release the album. At least Rolling Stone pontificates that January 20 might be the day that listeners get to hear the full album, and not just teaser songs and short snippet videos.

Either way, any new creation by Lil Wayne is sure to bring loads of attention to the man who knows how to speak his mind.

[Image via Rolling Stone]