Woman Preaching About Jesus Christ While Nipples Show, Acquires Huge Following

There are some bold people in the world. However, this one takes it to another religiously bold level. This woman captures her audience with her breasts then goes on to preach about Jesus Christ.

She goes by LaTascha Emanuel and calls her segment "Gospel from the Stripper's Pole." Well, accordingly, she's an ex-stripper and feels she can use a similar method — as she did in her "stripper" days — to grab and keep men's and women's attentions. In essence, she uses her body while preaching about Jesus Christ.

These aren't your typical Jesus Christ videos or what you'd think to find by searching "Jesus Christ" on YouTube. This is definitely an unorthodox method if one could ever be called. Yet, it seems to work — as she's acquired a huge following of heterosexual and homosexual individuals and groups. However, much feedback indicates that they are following for the wrong reason. Sadly, the reason is not to hear preachings about Jesus Christ or His works. It's more for the show.

In response, spectators, and commentators state that she is doing more harm than good. Likewise, some feel she is doing no good at all and is being purely blasphemous. The following are a few comments from the video — they range from comical to sincere concerns to possible curses.

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In the video, LaTascha preaches about forgiveness. In accordance to the Gospel of Luke, she utilizes chapter six and verse 37 to support her session. From the King James Bible - Authorized Version, Cambridge Edition, Luke 6:37 states: "Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven."

Obviously along with preaching about Jesus Christ, she wants to bring this to the viewers' attentions before going further into the video, possibly foreseeing the controversy to come.

Well, after stating the Jesus Christ quote, she goes on to mention her own struggles.

"What I struggle with — and what I know a lot of people struggle with — is the forgiving of themselves. Amen? A lot of times, we hold grudges, and we hold us making bad decisions, and we hold all of these things that may have not panned out correctly — 'We could've done this better,' 'I could've said that better,' or 'I could've... whatever it is... better' — and we wind up holding that unforgiveness within us. 'I shouldn't have made that decision,' right?"
Those in the faith and who preach about Jesus Christ know that forgiveness is one of the key messages of the New Testament. As she elaborates, it's not just about forgiving other people, but it's also about forgiving yourself.

When preaching about Jesus Christ and remembering things you've conquered through Him, it's possible to have thoughts and emotions from past trials and complications resurface if you haven't quite let them go. As humans, it happens.

Likewise, LaTascha goes on to mention how old feelings of hurt, shame, and disappointment begin to resurface as her and her husband pass an abortion clinic from years past. Obviously, she had a procedure completed there which she still regrets.

So, as a Christian — according to Luke 6:37 — what do you say about LaTascha Emanuel and her methods of preaching about Jesus Christ?

Can you "cast stones" without defying God's Word? How does "Gospel from the Stripper's Pole" speak to you?

What are your thoughts about this particular "Jesus Christ" hotline?

[Feature Video via YouTube, Feature Image via Wix]