Kevin Hart On ‘SNL’: ‘Saturday Night Live’ ‘Bushwick, Brooklyn 2015’ Skit Goes Viral [Video]

There’s a video on Hulu that’s going pretty viral. Featuring Kevin Hart in the SNL video called “Saturday Night Live Bushwick, Brooklyn 2015,” the Hulu video has received nearly 1,000 Facebook likes within approximately eight hours. Hart was joined by SNL regulars Jay Pharaoh and Kenan Thompson, starring as three guy hanging out on the corner in Brooklyn – a sketch that takes a decidedly preppy turn when the trio begins discussing stuff like food reviews, artisanal mayonnaise, and other “must try” recipes at nearby eateries.

Rolling Stone calls the Kevin Hart SNL skit a low-hanging fruit of a subject matter, at least in terms of the way that Brooklyn’s face and demographics are changing. It is pretty fun to witness Pharaoh in a spinning class, texting a friend, and to hear Thompson talk about needing time to unwind and have gelato with Carol, the woman whom he works for as a male nanny.

Hart, on the other hand, speaks of knitting sweaters for his dogs – his b**ches, as it were – as Pharaoh speaks of painting and drinking wine and pairing wine with cheeses.

“We was turnt up. I sent you an Evite and everything.”

That’s when Pharaoh’s character got a dressing down for mentioning evites, with Thompson telling him that he acted sullen, as if someone had put gluten in his muffin. In the end, Kareem and his “life partner” Miguel cycled by on the street, with the Brooklyn trio exchanging pleasantries with the couple.

“What up, Kareem?”


When the police show up, Hart’s character reverts to the type of talk you’d expect to see in such a sketch, with Kevin warning his fellow cast mates about the presence of cops.

“Yo – five!”

The SNL trio breaks apart and dips into different directions off the screen. As witnessed by the laughter of the SNL audience as the video of the Brooklyn crew was played – coupled with the social media shares the video is receiving – it seems this was one of the more popular SNL skits featuring Hart for the evening. Kevin Hart as James Brown in a “Get On Up” SNL sketch has received 100 Facebook likes on the Hulu video, comparatively.

Although Kevin Hart may have had a winning turn as an SNL host on Saturday night, Hart’s movie The Wedding Ringer was no match at the box office for American Sniper, as reported by the Inquisitr.

[Image via SNL/Hulu]