Booster The Dog Found With Five Rubber Toys In His Stomach After Emergency Visit To Vet

Booster the dog, who happens to be a stunning Alaskan Malamute, bit off more than he could chew, literally, when the greedy canine ate an entire box of chocolates, with the wrappers on, as well as five rubber pet toys!

Thankfully, loving owner of Booster, Guy Kelly from Plymouth in England, rushed him to the vet after he found his beloved pet looking bloated and writhing in pain.

As reported today by the Daily Mail in Britain, Kelly, a contractor by profession, explained, “We came downstairs one morning and he was the size of a cow. He was really bloated and didn’t look well – we could see he had eaten a 750g tin of Quality Street so we took him to the vets.”

As a result of his greedy post-Christmas binging, Booster had to spend two days at the doggy hospital, but the first time his owner took him there, an X-ray wasn’t carried out as it should have been.

When Booster was still bloated and clearly in pain a week later, Mr. Kelly returned and the X-ray taken revealed that it wasn’t the chocolates that were the problem, but the five rubber pet toys he had swallowed!

As Kelly explained, “He takes them off other dogs in the park and tends to chew them up, so we try to keep him away from balls. But we never thought he would eat one, let alone five.”

The vet who treated Booster the dog, Adam Coulson, of Plymouth Veterinary Hospital, said the dog’s pain came after gases from the chocolates stopped his blood flow.

“His immediate problem was that all of the gas blowing up his stomach was preventing blood from flowing back to his heart, and so his circulation was failing.'”

Having had the balls removed from his stomach, Booster is back home and recovering nicely, following his ordeal.