Indianapolis Colts News: Trent Richardson Says Family Emergency Kept Him From Walk-Through

The Indianapolis Colts will be without running back Trent Richardson for Sunday's AFC Championship Game, but it appears that it's for a good reason.

On Saturday, he missed the team's walk-through in Indianapolis, and afterward the team announced that he would not be playing in Sunday's game against the New England Patriots. While many assumed that the absence was related to the team's decision not to activate Richardson for last week's divisional round win over the Denver Broncos, Richard clarified that it was for a much more serious reason.

"I had to miss walk-through," Richardson told ESPN on Sunday. "I'm dealing with a very serious family emergency. I'm still at the hospital. I wouldn't purposely just miss walk-through."

The absence from Saturday's walk-through was curious, given the fact that just days before Trent Richardson was talking about his desire to regain his starting spot on the team.

Richardson clarified on Sunday that he has not quit on the Colts.

"I wouldn't just purposely turn my back on the team," Richardson told ESPN "I would have been there if I wasn't dealing with this issue."

Trent Richardson has endured a difficult time in the NFL. The first-round pick has found difficulty getting footing in the NFL, averaging just over three yards a carry for his career. He has rushed for only 977 yards in 29 games with the Colts, and at the end of the 2013 season, lost his starting spot to Donald Brown.

Richardson started again this year, but lost his spot to Daniel Herron in Week 16, and in the playoffs, has fallen below practice squad back Zurlon Tipton as well.

Trent Richardson is not the only member of the Indianapolis Colts to miss Sunday's AFC Championship Game under unusual circumstances. Offensive tackle Xavier Nixon missed the team's flight to New England and was de-activated for the game. Linebacker Josh McNary was also placed on the exempt list after being charged with rape.