Pregnant Maci Bookout Involved In Car Accident

Maci Bookout recently revealed that she is pregnant with her second child. The Teen Mom star is expecting a daughter in June of this year, and while she hasn’t decided on a name just yet, she hinted that she likes the names June and Harley. Needless to say, most fans were shocked to hear that Maci was expecting another child, and many were more shocked to hear what happened to the reality show star on Sunday.

While riding in her jeep with her son, Bentley, the Teen Mom star had a frightening experience. Maci and her son were involved in a car accident that involved the Jeep flipping over. Maci posted photos of the wreckage on her Instagram account, and shared with fans details of the scary experience.

“Thanking God that Bentley and I were able to walk away from this nightmare with only a few bruises. Thanking God that my unborn baby girl is perfectly healthy after this. I’d also like to @JeepOfficial @Jeep because if our seatbelts and the roll cage had not done their job, I’m not sure my family and I would of had the same outcome. Thanks to everyone that stopped to help, that was huge. I pray everyone else involved is doing okay. #jeepwrangler #rolledthreetime #terrifying #totaled #notmyfault.”

Maci Bookout did not give any further details of the accident, other than that she, her son, and unborn daughter are doing just fine. Even though Maci is doing fine, there is no doubt that the accident was a scary experience for everyone involved.

Later this year, Maci Bookout will be coming back to MTV for an all-new installment of the hit show Teen Mom. The camera crews have been filming for a fifth season of the show for quite some time, and most of Maci’s second pregnancy will likely air on the show.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Maci Bookout and her boyfriend, Taylor McKinney, are not yet married, but they do have plans to wed in the near future. Rather than be a pregnant bride, Maci is opting to have a wedding sometime after her baby girl is born this summer. It is unclear if Teen Mom is going to come back for a sixth season, but if it does, fans are hoping that, if Maci does get married, her wedding will air on the show.

Maci Bookout suffered a scary experience, but luckily she is doing okay.

[Image: via Instagram]