WWE News: WWE Diva Eva Marie Has Big Problems With Her Wrestling Ability And Her Breast Implants

WWE Divas are some of the most beautiful women in the world, but over the years, the Divas have gotten a bad rap for the terrible quality of their actual wrestling ability.As a result, many Divas only lasted a few weeks or months with WWE before being released.

From the start of the Divas program, it seemed WWE only wanted to sign models without wrestling experience. Heck, they could have even signed some women with solid athletic abilities and trained them properly. Sadly, they did not, and model after model sashayed into the squared circle.

Some, like Trish Stratus, Michelle McCool, Layla, and Eve Torres, worked well for WWE, but all of them had previous athletic experience before they entered the ring.. WWE has been able to work with more athletic women the last few years with NXT, and the quality of their work is improving. Summer Rae and Sasha Banks had little to no wrestling experience before coming to WWE. However, they were trained well and have proven how good they can be.

Then we have people like Eva Marie. While Marie has worked relatively well for WWE Total Divas, she has not panned out well on TV. WWE tried to throw her in the ring when she was brand new with WWE. She gained exposure from Total Divas, but fans did not take well to her work, and many within the WWE organization didn’t see much talent in her. WWE upper management kept her on and even allowed her to wrestle with the main roster off and on, but mainly, they’ve had her in training with NXT.

She is not ready for the main roster as her promo and wrestling ability are still lacking. People like Summer Rae and others have had a lot of developmental time, but Eva was thrown to the wolves immediately. WWE management must share the blame.

However, training and main roster hopes can go down in an instant when injuries or major issues occur.

According to E! Online in a promotional article on Total Divas for tonight, it was revealed that Eva Marie suffered a leak in one of her breast implants. She has had her implants for years, and over time, problems do occur; especially for women who engage in strenuous physical activity. She end consulted with a doctor about the leak, and she was told surgery would be required to correct the problem. This means Eva Marie will miss at least three months of action.

On tonight’s episode of Total Divas, Eva said, “It really sucks because I’ve worked so hard to get to this point in my career. And taking time off, that’s the last thing that I want.”

Eva Marie has struggled to secure a spot on the main roster recently, and her issue with her breast implants may have contributed. Hopefully, Eva Marie can get past her medical issues, train hard, improve her wrestling ability, hone her mic skills, and eventually establish her self as a prominent WWE Diva.

[IMG Credit: dirtsheet.org]