Oldie-But-Goody: Angelina / Brad Coverage Spurs French Protest

Sometimes j’adore the French! Their protests are always serious deals, but this one in Nice has a celebrity bend– it has to do with the media focusing on Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt when other sh*t was going down. Was it “bye-bye, high-profile murder case and hello, honorary citizens of Nice? Says X17:

Residents in Nice protested this evening outside Lenval Hospital, speaking out against what they say is the mayor’s undue attention to a celebrity birth over the murder of a local youth which, they say, received little attention from officials in the southern French city.

The local family, originally from North Africa, told X17 video cameras they demand justice for their 22 year -old son who was stabbed. The crowd chanted “We want justice!” A protester added that city officials have not paid attention to the boy’s murder and that they have not been allowed to return his body home.

The man said Nice’s mayor, Christian Estrosi, has been “celebrating the birth of the twins with Brad Pitt, meanwhile there has been no murder investigation and the killer [of the 22 year-old boy] is still running free in the city.”

It’s no MySpace diatribe like we’re used to in the States, that’s for sure.

Image: WireImage