WWE News: Two Huge Independent Wrestlers On WWE’s Radar, When Will They Be Signed?

WWE has been trying to bring in a lot of great Independent wrestlers the last few years. Due to the success of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, WWE sees the appeal of bringing in those who can wrestle and connect with an audience. This is why people such as Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, Adrian Neville, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Hideo Itami were given the opportunity to show what they had.

Now that Rollins and Ambrose are killing it, WWE has realized that they should be eyeing top Indy talent more than ever. WWE is interested in bringing people in after WrestleMania 31, which is why the last number of tryouts and those leading into February could be big for talent.

According to Daily Wrestling News, there are two available names that WWE has been checking into that many fans would be excited to see in WWE. One is Tommy Mercer, better known as Crimson in TNA. Mercer had a tryout down at the Performance Center in December. Reports claimed that he was impressive. He has the look WWE loves and is a good in-ring performer, but he does need some work with his promos. Although they have improved since his time in TNA, they are not quite up to WWE level.

Mercer will be 30 this February, so his window is closing. If he is not signed now, he may not be at all. WWE is heavily against signing talent over 30. They make some exceptions, but it is rare unless they see money in someone.

Mercer could probably do quite well in WWE, but we will have to wait and see. If he is liked, we won’t hear anything on him being signed until April.

Tommy Mercer

Another name that has been going around is Ring of Honor stud Adam Cole. Cole and WWE has been flirting off and on for some time. WWE has been interested in signing Cole in the past, but now there is a lot more hope that he’ll join up.

Cole had shoulder surgery in hopes that he would be a potential post-WrestleMania signing. Cole is interested in WWE, but him signing is not 100 percent. He reportedly told people he would be signing with ROH, but they have not yet finalized any deal. Since he has been out of action because of the surgery, there has been no urgency on either side for him to sign.

Cole is only 25-years-old. He already has a ton of Indy experience, and is considered one of the top wrestlers in the world. In fact, Pro Wrestling Illustrated ranked him at #9 in the world in 2014. He is a can’t miss prospect for WWE, and one that they want a lot. WWE could pay him well, and then train him up a bit. Many think he would not be in WWE NXT for very long, but due to his age, WWE could have a lot of time to develop him into what they feel he could be for them.

While Cole is not very big, he fits along the same size WWE has been signing as of late. Due to his impressive resume at only 25 years of age, WWE knows they could use him well. Can they sign him though? Who knows. He could very well sign back with ROH, but since WWE has interest now, he could sign with them in the coming months.

Like Mercer, we’ll have to wait until April to know of this. Both could be big stars for WWE, so we’ll have to see if they sign.

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