Was Lana Del Rey The Victim Of An Oscar Smear Campaign Two Years In A Row?

Lana Del Rey continues to get no love from the Academy. Her song “Big Eyes,” made specifically for the Amy Adams film of the same name, garnered huge buzz, but was apparently snubbed by the Oscars.

This marks the second straight year for Lana, leaving many to wonder: Is there an Oscar smear campaign at work?

Time certainly thinks something smells fishy, citing last year’s snubbing of Del Ray’s hit song “Young and Beautiful” from the film The Great Gatsby, which was left off the Oscar ballot under possibly sinister circumstances.

“Lana’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ song ‘Young and Beautiful’ (one of her most successful songs ever) wasn’t just snubbed, it was also the subject of a mysterious smear campaign that falsely alleged the song was ineligible to the Academy selection committee,” the magazine asserts. “Since it debuted in December, ‘Big Eyes,’ one of two songs she recorded for the Amy adams-starring ‘Big Eyes,’ has had similar praise and buzz.”

The mysterious smear campaign mentioned comes from a Deadline report that alleges foul play at hand.

“An anonymous envelope was mailed to members of the Academy music selection committee,” Deadline reported last year, “complete with a printout from an online article that made the bogus assertion the Grammy-nominated Lana Del Rey song ‘Young And Beautiful’ was disqualified for Best Song over a technicality involving ‘The Great Gatsby’s’ changed release date.”

The article elaborates further, “The word ‘Variety’ appeared on the printout that was sent, but when Warner Bros got wind of it and checked thoroughly, the piece sent was never published by Variety, and it does not appear to have been published anyplace legitimate.”

So is the same mysterious sabotage at play again this year? Possibly, though no evidence as glaring as this has been found. It could just mean that, as Time suggests, “either Lana Del Rey is cursed, or… the Oscars just aren’t as open to pop as the Globes.”

Either way, Lana has been left out of the Oscar race once again.

At least Lana has been shown the love from actor James Franco, who showered the singer with praise recently. As reported by Inquisitr, Franco appears quite smitten with Del Rey, openly soliciting the Ultraviolence singer to produce a film based on one of her concepts.

“She has this idea for a film,” James said. “I want to do it because it’s a little like ‘Sunset Boulevard.'”

Franco then continued on about the deeply ethereal plot that seems right in Lana’s wheelhouse — a horror movie revolving around a woman “alone in a big house in L.A.” that starts going crazy with paranoia.

What do you think? Is Lana Del Rey a victim of an Oscar smear campaign, or was she just unlucky two years in a row?

[Lana Del Rey image via Rolling Stone]