Scorned Wife Goes Full-On Lorena Bobbitt, Hacks Off Cheating Husband’s Manhood Twice

A man in China, who allegedly cheated on his wife, learned a painful lesson about infidelity, not once, but twice, thanks to the violent rage of a scorned woman. Unfortunately for him, having his manhood was hacked off brought back memories from over 20 years ago in two words: Lorena Bobbitt, citing a Medical Daily world news report.

Police from Shangqiu, in Central China’s Henan province, say a man’s scorned wife “chopped off” her husband’s penis as he slept in their home recently. Apparently, Fan Lung, 32, was having an affair with a woman, and on this particular night, he had been communicating with his alleged lover via email using his wife’s smartphone. Sources say the man failed to cover his footprints when he didn’t log out of the account.

When Feng Lung, 21, learned about her husband’s cheating ways, she snapped, fetched a pair of scissors and cut off a portion of the man’s genitalia. The scorned wife’s husband was rushed to an area hospital where medical staff raced to reattach the severed penis during an emergency operation.

The surgery was a success, but then matters turned violent again. As the man slept in his hospital bed and recovered from the surgery, his jealous wife, still angered by discovering evidence of the affair, managed to access the facility undetected. What happened next arguably ranks her above the infamy of Lorena Bobbitt: the Chinese woman, armed with scissors again, hacked off the man’s manhood a second time and fled on foot.

The man woke up screaming and bleeding profusely, but managed to catch up with his wife outside. There, he confronted her and began attacking her in the street. Medical staff heard the commotion outside and realized the naked man was their patient. He was taken back inside where doctors tried desperately to stop the bleeding.

According to a hospital spokesperson, the scorned woman cut off her husband’s penis and threw it out window. However, after an exhaustive search, the appendage was not able to be located. It’s believed that a stray dog or cat came across the detached organ and made away with it.

The wife was treated for injuries sustained from the man’s assault, and her man is recovering from his ordeal. Meanwhile, his alleged lover, identified as Zhang Hung, 21, was quoted as saying she is fine with Feng Lung not being able to conceive.

“It doesn’t matter that he’s lost his fertility. He has five children already.”

This case conjures up memories of 1993, when Bobbitt, then 20, cut off her husband John Wayne Bobbitt’s penis as he lay sleeping. Apparently, after bouts of abuse, stated affairs, forced and selfish sex (didn’t wait for her moment of pleasure), Lorena snapped.

She was arrested and stood trial for “bobbittizing” her husband. However, she was acquitted by reason of insanity. The case sparked awareness about spousal abuse, but, unfortunately, several copycat acts were committed over the years by scorned wives and lovers.

One such incident took place in 2013, according to an Inquisitr report. Then, a California woman drugged her husband, cut off his penis and chucked it into the garbage disposal. Apparently, the jilted woman learned her 60-year-old spouse was dating a younger woman.

[Image via: Getty Images via People]