‘Walking Dead’ Star Norman Reedus Dating Courtney Love?

The Walking Dead’s resident bad boy Norman Reedus has been the subject of much speculation about his character’s love life — or lack thereof — on the hit TV series. In a case of life imitating art, Norman has also faced rumors lately of a breakup with girlfriend Cecilia Singley, and now the actor has been seen hanging out with Courtney Love. Are the two just friends, or is there more to the relationship? Could Norman Reedus be dating the infamous Hole front woman and widow of Kurt Cobain?

Last week, Reedus and Love hung out at strip club Sapphire in New York City for their “SINS” night. They arrived together and it seems the Norman and Courtney made quite an impression on the dancers, albeit for different reasons. It’s no secret that women love Reedus, known for playing Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead and for his role in the film Boondocks Saints.

Courtney, on the other hand, made an impression by handing out dollar bills to dancers like candy, as the singer/actress certainly remembers her days struggling as a stripper herself. Love has made no secret that back in the 80s she worked such Los Angeles clubs like Jumbo’s Clown Room and Nude, Nude, Nude! before becoming famous and infamous, and confirmed to LA Weekly she used the cash to fund her band Hole.

“Absolutely, and you have to be really savvy to do it. There was a lot of temptation in terms of drugs back then. I was like, OK, when I make a million dollars, then I’ll do all the drugs I want. Which I did, by the way.”

If Norman Reedus and Courtney Love are getting romantically involved, going to a strip club makes for an odd date. But the pair seem to have a long-term friendship, going back to their work on the film Beat in 2000, which inspired the fan-made video below of the two onscreen. A quick internet search of Reedus and Love yields several photos of the two over the years posing together, often using a certain obscene gesture.

Both Norman and Courtney are known for being a bit eccentric — or more than a bit in Courtney’s case — but do you think the two have something going romantically? Or are they just good friends having fun and flipping the bird figuratively at the media?

Even if the two are just friends, if Norman Reedus is still dating Cecilia Singley, she must be very understanding to have her man out hitting strip clubs with Courtney Love.

[Photos via Courtney Love Official Facebook and Wikimedia Commons]