5 Food Secrets For Safe And Effective Weight Loss

It's that time of year again -- time for resolutions. Declarations to stop drinking, save money, go back to college, and of course, lose weight. While everyone would like to see the pounds melt away overnight, the real secret to weight loss is, unfortunately, changes in eating and exercise habits.

Ugh. The dreaded diet and exercise program. However, there are certain healthy food habits that just might give you a slight weight loss edge. What that means is that certain components in these foods and drinks interact with each other to boost health benefits.

Here are some suggestions of foods that can aid with weight loss.

1. Go for Whole Grains. Whole grains have plenty of nutritional synergy. Besides the nutritional component, whole grains make a person feel fuller longer and lead to less compulsive eating behaviors.

As noted on WebMD, one study shows that women who ate three or more servings of whole-grain foods a day had significantly lower BMIs (body mass indexes) than those eating less than one serving a day. Some research on oats has shown they slow the emptying of the stomach into the small intestine and thus may help you feel fuller longer. People who ate whole grains lost more abdominal body fat than those who avoided whole grains.

2.Load Up on Fruits and Vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain more water, fiber, and key nutrients, but fewer calories than processed foods. This makes them one of the best ways to eat more foods yet have an increase in nutrient density.

Eating a less calorie dense diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables helps make meals more satisfying, while cutting calories. This means increased consumption and less hunger, which means less cheating on calorie filled snacks.

3.Eat Vegetarian Meals More Often. People following vegetarian diets tend to weigh less than meat-eaters. Switching to a low-fat vegan diet (one that includes no animal products) could result in a loss of about a pound a week.

4.Include Full-Fat Dairy in Your Diet. A healthy diet that includes two to three servings a day of natural non-defatted dairy may help promote weight loss, perhaps even in the midsection. The natural fat component inhibits ghrelin, which makes you less hungry. A small bit of butter or a small glass of milk can stave off hunger and provide the body much needed calcium and protein.

5. Drink Green Tea. Some research indicates that green tea may trigger weight loss by stimulating the body to burn calories and mildly decrease body fat, possibly through catechins, a type of phytochemical.

Of course, before embarking on any weight loss regimen, it is important to consult your doctors. This advice, however valid, will vary in its applicability from person to person. The key to any weight loss is a combination of eating and exercise. No pill or powder will do it for you without effort. However, it is important to make this commitment in the spirit of good health, versus esthetics.

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