Australian Minister talks Internet Censorship as Victoria burns

Duncan Riley

As we've reported regularly over the last two days, Victoria, Australia has experienced the worst natural disaster in Australian history. As I type this post, the official death toll has risen to 130, with up to 200 people believed dead.

It's a tragedy beyond all reckoning. So what do you think the Australian Minister for Censorship Senator Stephen Conroy was doing?

Well he was promoting the Australian Governments censorship proposal.

In a release titled "Australia participates in Safer Internet Day 2009" Senator Conroy promoted the Rudd Governments $125.8 million cyber-safety plan to help create a safer online environment. The cornerstone of that policy is the Great Firewall of Australia.

In case some bright spark in the Government picks up on the sensitivity fail, the screen capture above captures Conroy's fuck the fires, censorship stands in the way of no man press release.

I've sent a message to the Australian Prime Minister on Twitter at @kevinruddpm calling on Conroy to be sacked, and I'd encourage others to do so.