October 26, 2016
'Whitney' Movie: Sex Scenes, Drugs, Good Wigs, And Mary J. Blige?

The highly-anticipated biopic, Whitney premiered on Lifetime Saturday night.

The two-hour broadcast was filled with high and low moments which focused on the turbulent relationship between singer Whitney Houston and her husband Bobby Brown.

There were thousands of tweets posted throughout the duration of the two-hour broadcast premiere as well as the interview with Bobby Brown which followed the premiere.

However, there were several highlights from Whitney that seemed to generate the most buzz.

Sex Scenes

Viewers that did not know Whitney would focus more on the relationship between the Grammy Award-winning singer and her husband were given a major wake-up call when two extended sex scenes were shown.

That was the moment when Twitter exploded with initial reactions from fans and celebrities alike. Some enjoyed the scenes; others did not feel the same way.

As a first-time director, it seemed like Angela Bassett did not want to pull any punches when it came to showing just how intimate Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston were throughout their relationship. In one club scene, Bobby and Whitney (played by Arlen Escarpeta and Yaya DaCosta) were dancing provocatively and Bobby even licked her neck.

However, Bassett also did not pull back when it came to showing the unfaithful side of their marriage as well.

Drug Use

Another area in which Angela Bassett did not pull any punches in the Whitney movie was when it came to Whitney's excessive drug use. Whitney was depicted as a chronic user of cocaine -- snorting lines when she was sad, happy or even getting ready to head out on stage for a performance. Just like with the sex scenes, the drug use depicted in Whitney was also discussed on Twitter by thousands of people.There was even one scene when Whitney inhaled Bobby Brown's exhale while smoking shortly after she woke up.

Good Wigs And Wardrobe

A major highlight of Whitney Houston's career and overall celebrity status was her wardrobe and wigs. Throughout her career, she was known for creating fashion trends with her clothing and wig choices. That was definitely reflected in the high-quality wig choices and wardrobe selections that were praised throughout the Whitney movie.

During one montage of on-stage performances of the hit song "I'm Every Woman," Yaya DaCosta transitioned seamlessly from wig to wig. There were quite a few camera shots where she looked exactly like Whitney Houston simply because of her mannerisms, facial movements and wigs.

Mary J. Blige

Last but not least, the "appearance" of Mary J. Blige in the movie was another hot topic which was covered thoroughly on Twitter. As soon as actress Suzanne Douglas made her first on-screen appearance as Whitney Houston's mother, Cissy, another explosion was activated on Twitter. With her wig and make-up, at first glance, Suzanne Douglas looked just like Mary J. Blige -- a resemblance that apparently did not go unnoticed.Chances are that Whitney generated massive ratings for Lifetime. Just like with the infamous Aaliyah biopic, millions of people more than likely saw the Whitney movie -- whether they would like to admit it or not.

[Image Credit: ABC Local]