Greg Plitt, Dead: 'Days Of Our Lives' Actor Killed On Front Street Tracks By Metrolink Train

Greg Plitt is dead. The Hollywood fitness instructor and actor best recognized for his appearance on Bravo's Work Out, was killed after he was struck by a Metrolink train on Front Street in California, Variety is reporting. Witnesses say they saw a white male dressed in all black walking along the train tracks carrying what looked like a video camera. That's when they say they watched in horror as a Metrotrain approached, striking the man dead. The man was identified as actor Greg Plitt.

"He had on all black. The train went by. I saw him stumble over the tracks. He had a camcorder in his hand."
Detectives from the Los Angles Count Sheriff's office stated that Plitt had been with a group of friends at the time of the accident. So far, no details on what the group was actually doing or what they were filming at the time have emerged. Front Street is an area where many television production companies do their filming.

The tragic Burbank accident happened around 4 p.m., authorities say, according to CBS News.

The 37-year old Baltimore, Maryland, native worked as a well-known fitness instructor in the Los Angeles area, where his chest workout regimen and back and arm workouts were a popular request by clients. Greg Plitt's diet plan was also popular among fans. In addition to his work as an actor and fitness instructor, Plitt is also known for his motivational quotes. Here is one of his more popular motivational statements.

"Stop fu**king going about the day as a servant, become the master, run your day and stop letting it run you."
Reality star Greg Plitt, whose real name is George Gregory Plitt Jr., has appeared as himself in several television series, such as Identity (2006) and Designed To Sell (2008). As an actor, he has appeared in the 2008 movie Six Sex Scenes And A Murder, Terminator Salvation (2009), and Grudge Match (2013). The former hunk also appeared in the beloved soap opera Days Of Our Lives during the 2007-2008 season.

Aside from his own page, Greg Plitt's devastated fans have created a RIP Greg Plitt Facebook page to remember the actor and fitness guru. Here are some comments from his fans.

"Rest in Power Greg Plitt. I followed you until the very end. So inspirational, so motivational and encouraging. We will miss you in the world of fitness. "

"RIP Greg Plitt,such an inspirational and motivational man."

"Cant believe it RIP Greg Plitt"

"They said he was filming a commercial, it was dark and he was all dressed in black. He and some others were on the tracks and he was looking at footage on his camera and he tripped. He probably had earphones on and never heard the train."

In April, the Inquisitr reported on the death of a production assistant who was killed on a train track in Georgia while filming.

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