Is Jana Duggar Struggling As Her Siblings Move On With Their Own Families? Probably Not

The Duggars typically distance themselves from rumors regarding their rapidly expanding family. However, it doesn't stop the media from jumping on a good Duggar rumor any chance they can get. The latest rumor is involving the oldest Duggar daughter, Jana. Rumor has it that Jana is struggling as her younger siblings get married and move away from the home.

Radar Online reports that Jana is "terrified" that she will live her life alone after spending her days as a surrogate parent to her younger siblings. The report indicates that Jana would love to find "a man of her own" and move out of the Duggar compound but can't get away due to her responsibility within the family. However, is there any truth to this rumor?

It appears that even the reporting agency has no evidence to backup the claims aside from Michele Duggar's "buddy system," in which older children take care of younger children. They report claims that due to the buddy system responsibilities, Jana Duggar is too busy to meet a man of her own. However, there is no evidence that this is the truth. In fact, the article even quotes Jana saying that she has a variety of interests and hobbies outside of helping with her brothers and sisters.

"I have lots of other interests too, including sewing, cooking and playing the piano, violin and harp. I also love doing friends' and family members' hair and I enjoy decorating and helping plan parties and political-campaign events."
The publication also says that Jana is fed up with all the parenting responsibilities for her younger siblings. However, they also quote Jana saying, "I love being the big sister to a houseful of siblings."

Jana has also been attacked about her reported "career" as a concert pianist. As the Inquisitr previously reported, some fans were a little confused when Michelle Duggar posted a birthday message to Jana and John David Duggar on their official Facebook account. The post indicated that Jana was a concert pianist and spent a lot of time working with the church. However, many questioned the Duggar's use of the term concert pianist. Some went so far as to say that the reason they exaggerated Jana's career is that she doesn't have much else going on because she is always babysitting. However, is that true?

To be clear, Jana does perform in solo concerts at her home and church. The definition of "concert pianist" is simply "a classical pianist who regularly performs as a soloist in concert performances." By that definition, one can see how Michelle may consider Jana a "concert pianist." Jana plays classical piano tunes regularly at Duggar family performances, as well as for church and family presentations to the public.

Though Jana is taking more time than her younger siblings, Jill and Jessa, to get married, that doesn't mean she is an old maid. In fact, Jana is only 25-years-old. Why do you think the media feels the need to compare Jana to the other Duggar daughters? Do you think she is overly burdened by family responsibilities, or is she simply taking her time looking for Mr. Right?