Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun: Man Has Two Penises And They Both Work

Amy Schaeffer

Many people are born with rare congenital anomalies. Some are obvious, some not so obvious. Some aren't a big deal, as is the case of polydcatyly -- in which someone in born with an extra finger. Usually it's operated on and removed with no problem. Some, however, are a little more complex, as is the man who was born with two penises. He does not wish to be named, but has written a book about his experiences with his two members, which both are working male genitalia. His book is interestingly entitled, Double Header: My Life With Two Penises, and it has been a sensational hit since its Christmas release, having sold millions of copies.

Everyone reading the book wants to know the same thing: Is this guy for real? Since he is not named, it's difficult to prove. However, physicians weigh in that it is indeed possible and not the first case the world, or even the United States, has seen. Justin J Lehmiller, a scientist, explains the phenomenon.

"Medically speaking, the technical term for having two penises is diphallus or diphallia (hence the name "Diphallic Dude"). This is an extraordinarily rare anatomic variation that physicians estimate occurs once in every 5 to 6 million male births. To put that in perspective, there are currently about 151 million males in the United States, which means there might be 25 to 30 guys living with diphallus in this country. Much like snowflakes, no two cases of diphallus are alike. In the 100 or so reports of diphallus in medical literature to date, cases have involved everything from a penile shaft that has two heads at the end of it to a penile shaft that bifurcates at the midpoint, to a full-size penis accompanied by a tiny, rudimentary penis poking out underneath it. In one case, both penises lacked functionality: one could become erect but could not ejaculate, while the other could ejaculate but could not become erect. Thus, before any of you go wishing you were lucky enough to have a second penis, keep in mind that the extra appendage is usually more trouble than it's worth."

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