Haunted House Clowns With Sex Toys Attack: Illinois Defense Attorney Denies Allegations

What do haunted houses, clowns, and sex toys have in common? All are part of a very strange lawsuit unfolding in Montgomery, Illinois.

A lawyer who is defending employees of Massacre Haunted House, a spooky — and allegedly pervert-y — attraction located in Montgomery, Illinois, outside Chicago, claims his clients are innocent of the untoward allegations.

A woman is suing Massacre Haunted House in Montgomery, on behalf of herself and her teenage daughter, claiming employees dressed as clowns attacked them and verbally harassed them while also allegedly brandishing sex toys, reports NBC 5 Chicago.

The type of sex toys used by the clowns in the claimed haunted house assault have not been disclosed.

The defense attorney for the accused haunted house clown employees that are being sued by the mother and teen daughter, says the story the women are telling about being attacked and harassed by clowns with sex toys at the haunted house never happened.

“We believe we’re going to be able to prove it never happened,” said the defense attorney, Louis Pissios, who is representing the Massacre Haunted House sex toy clowns.

But according to the mom, Regina Janito of Montgomery, two guys dressed up as horror clowns did attack she and her daughter with sex toys while they were at the Massacre Haunted House.

Actually, the alleged incident took place in the Massacre Haunted House’s parking lot, according to Ms. Janito’s lawsuit, which states that she and her daughter, as well as some of her daughter’s friends, were confronted by the two haunted clown actors, and the sex toys they were wielding, as the group of girls crossed the haunted house parking lot on October 11, 2014.

One of the haunted house clowns, Robert Keller, is accused of “poking” Ms. Janito’s 17-year-old daughter with an unspecified sex toy, and he was booked for misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct.

The other haunted house clown in the lawsuit is unidentified as “John Doe,” and he allegedly simulated a sex act with the toy.

The lawsuit also claims Keller made several lewd comments toward both Ms. Janito and her teen daughter in the Massacre Haunted House parking lot.

Ms. Janito is seeking unspecified damages for the incident, her attorney saying that Keller and the other unnamed haunted house clown that pulled the sex toy shenanigans, “crossed all lines of decency.”


According to the Daily Herald, Pissios said the Massacre Haunted House parking lot has no security cameras to support Ms. Janito’s lawsuit against the accused clowns with sex toys and as for other specifics in the case, Pissios was not forthcoming.

“Mr. Keller’s position and the Massacre’s position are that the allegations are false,” said Pissios. “The court case is going to show nobody did anything wrong.”

More bad news for the Massacre Haunted House clowns, and the Massacre Haunted House itself, is that the haunted house’s insurer is trying to say that the legal costs for defending both Massacre and Keller aren’t their problem.

The insurance company has filed court papers of its own that claim the Massacre Haunted House’s insurance policy doesn’t cover battery or assault charges. What’s more, the Massacre Haunted House’s insurance company says that what Keller is accused of doing is outside the realm of what he was being employed to do at the haunted house.

The case has an April 28 court date.

[Image via the Montgomery, Illinois, Police Department]