Iggy Azalea Feeling Charitable, Gives Autograph To Homeless Man


Iggy Azalea was just minding her business and pumping gas into her pricey Ferrari convertible in Westwood, California on Friday.

— IGGY AZALEA TODAY (@TodayIggy) January 17, 2015

Mid-pump, Azalea was approached by a homeless man. What exactly did the indigent man say to her? We don't know, but according to the Daily Mail, Iggy was "touched by his particular plight."

With onlookers surrounding, Iggy, who was born Amethyst Kelly, took out one $20 bill. The star then autographed it on the back of the homeless man. The homeless man then posed, smiling a somewhat toothless smile, with "his one-of-a-kind prize."

Iggy must have been feeling really charitable because she then spent the next 20 minutes posing with the onlookers who had caught her act of kindness.

The "Fancy" star had apparently been in town discussing her latest work of art -- her shoe collection with Steve Madden. She had been speaking with Vogue's Lynn Yeager and was photographed walking through Barney's Department Store.

Azalea has been in the press quite a bit recently, and the public has been less than charitable with their opinions of her. Azalea has been facing cheating rumors after photographs surfaced of her man, 28-year-old NBA star Nick Young, cavorting with two women, his arm around one of them.

Azalea has also been facing some criticism from fellow rappers. Harlem native Azealia Banks has openly criticized Iggy on Twitter and in the media, with Banks stating "its funny to see people Like Igloo Australia silent when these things happen... Black Culture is cool, but black issues sure aren't huh?" as seen on Billboard.

People are quick to discredit Iggy as a rap artist, with people commenting that her lyrics are the worst and how it's probably not a good idea to admit that you like her.

— ⚓️Tony⚓️ (@TeamAzealia) January 13, 2015

— Trash Lyrics (@WORSTRAPLYRlCS) January 14, 2015

Some people even refer to Azalea's lyrics as "fake feminism."

— Rorie Still (@rorstill) January 17, 2015

And then there was the fact that Iggy's ex was trying to leak her music, although a judge did put an end to that.

It's good to see that life isn't getting Iggy Azalea down, and that she can still find time to spare a $20 bill while driving around in her $250,000 Ferrari.

[Photo Courtesy of Justin Higuchi]