John Mayer = Alleged Scumbag

Jennifer Aniston should be careful– it looks like John Mayer is on the prowl. According to a fascinatingIn Touch Weekly blurb, Mayer approached Chaton Anderson in Amserdam, and told her “I am John and I am a singer.” Nice pick-up line, John. And he didn’t stop there:

“I laughed because I knew who he was,” Chaton, 32, also was aware that he has been dating Jen. “I asked him what his relationship status was,” she explains. “He said, ‘It’s vague.’ I asked him what that meant and he said, ‘You know, it’s very vague.’ I just laughed. I never mentioned Jennifer and neither did he.”

But here’s the best part: she gave him her real number! It’s too bad that her cell was stolen, because I would love to hear whether or not John was dumb enough to call her two days before his “vague” girlfriend Jennifer Aniston arrived in Amsterdam.

Update: Now Chaton has turned to US Weekly is “completely not true.” WTF?