Ruairi McSorley: 'Frostbit Boy' Becomes Global Internet Sensation

Teenager Ruairi McSorley, from Northern Ireland, became an internet sensation earlier this week, and has been dubbed "frostbit boy" online after video of a local weather interview went viral.

Hailing from Sperrins near Londonderry, McSorley spoke to a UTV interviewer while on his way to school, according to the Daily Mail, who asked his opinion on the frigid temperatures that had engulfed the region. Thanks to his strong accent, video of McSorley's responses went viral, and the clip had been viewed more than 3.5 million times in just three days.

Sharing his thoughts about his "mather" (mother) making him go to school, McSorley quickly added a line that was soon to spread worldwide.

"Oh God you wouldn't be long gettin' frostbit."

Reporter Gareth Wilkinson, who interviewed McSorley for the clip, has found himself stunned by its viral success, according to the Belfast Telegraph. The response was so overwhelming, with the hashtag #frostbit trending online, that Wilkinson commented on the situation through his Twitter account.

McSorley has also been surprised by the response the video has received, as multiple media outlets are seeking interviews with the teen.

"Sure it's mad craic altogether!" he said.

Speaking about the clip that catapulted him to internet stardom, McSorley contends that it was simply a spur-of-the-moment fluke.

"I didn't know we were going to be on the television at all. We just jumped out of the car when we saw the UTV van and asked them could we scowl about the snow and they said that would be 100 per cent," he noted.

An aspiring comedian, McSorley has uploaded videos of his impressions to his own YouTube channel. Performing his take on a variety of celebrities, from Dragon's Den's Hilary Devey to Father Ted's Dougal McGuire, McSorley also includes an impression of a snooker match on his resume.

Ruairi is hardly the only person to find fame on the internet recently thanks to an accent. As the Inquisitr reported last year, video of a 2-year-old Scottish girl spread online amid the ice bucket challenge, thanks in no small part to her accent and language.

In addition to pursuing comedy and his impressions, "Frostbit boy" Ruairi McSorley also aspires to one day host a talk show.

[Image: UTV via the Daily Mail]