Greg Anthony, Wife Chere Anthony, Post Prostitution Arrest: Will Married Couple Survive The Crisis?

Paula Mooney

As reported by the Inquisitr and plenty of other news organizations, Greg Anthony was caught in a prostitution sting and arrested Friday night. In the wake of the arrest, searches for Greg Anthony have gone through the roof, with more than 50,000 searches for Greg Anthony coming into Google on January 17, as reported by Google Trends. A natural next step for those Googlers to take is to search for terms like "Greg Anthony wife" and "Greg Anthony married" or "Greg Anthony current wife" or even "Greg Anthony ex-wife," as Google, Yahoo, and other search engines have begun to suggest in the wake of this melee.

That's where we learn that, yes, Greg is indeed still married to a woman named Chere Anthony, as reported by Heavy. That's Chere R. Lucas Anthony, M.D., according to the Skin and Cancer Associates Center for Cosmetic Enhancement website, which proves that the pretty board-certified dermatologist has got a lot more going on than being just another basketball wife -- or the wife of an ex-basketball playing star, that is.

From all the photos this reporter can find of "Chere R. Lucas Anthony" and "Greg and Chere Anthony" in Google Images, we can see that Chere is an attractive woman with her own career and one child with Greg, a man who has three other children from previous relationships.

All these facts prove that infidelity isn't necessarily about the attractiveness of one's wife, but attributable to other factors in the relationship or within the cheating party's history or mindset. According to Heavy, Chere just gave birth to Greg's daughter in March of 2014, which raised a flag in this journalist's mind about the commonality of men sometimes cheating when their wives are pregnant or after they've given birth.

Either way, USA Today reports that Greg Anthony has been suspended indefinitely because of this prostitution solicitation arrest – so not only has the poor choice cost Greg a good job, it might seriously threaten his marriage as well. It's one thing to experience a cheating husband in private, but when it's on a public stage like this, the level of embarrassment is amplified considerably.

Whether the marriage of Greg and Chere Anthony will survive this arrest and potential jail time depends on plenty of factors, including the married couple's ability and willingness to save the union. Either way, Greg has probably learned his lesson, and we can only pray for repentance and forgiveness.

[Image of Greg Anthony via CBS Sports]