'Big Bang Theory' Spoilers: Mrs. Holowitz Farewell Episode To Air Soon, Sheldon Falls In Love With Taylor Swift

The Big Bang Theory will say goodbye to Mrs. Wolowitz soon, according to a recent report. The episode addressing actress Carol Ann Susi's death has already been filmed, and it sounds like it's probably going to be a real tearjerker.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, actress Carol Ann Susi died last November following a battle with cancer. The 62-year-old actress was never seen on The Big Bang Theory, but she gave Howard's mother a distinctive, grating voice that helped make Mrs. Wolowitz one of the show's funniest supporting characters.

According to USA Today, executive producer Chuck Lorre revealed that Carol Ann Susi's passing will be addressed during an upcoming episode of The Big Bang Theory.

"We shot an episode last week that deals with the loss of Carol Ann," Lorre said. "It took us a couple of months to deal with that; we didn't know how to at first."

Lorre believes that the writers have created "a beautiful script that takes account of the loss of Carol."

"We thought we handled it in a delicate and respectful way. We lost somebody in our family; it's not something you anticipate happening."
The Big Bang Theory is on hiatus until January 29, which is when "The Anxiety Optimation" will air. According to the International Business Times, the episode dealing with Mrs. Holowitz's death will be titled "The Comic Book Store Regeneration." It will likely air the following week on February 5.

The episode's title suggests that it will feature the reopening of Stuart's comic book store, which burned down at the end of Season 7. Stuart decided to become Mrs. Holowitz's caretaker after he lost his store, and this caused a rift in his relationship with Howard -- Howard was jealous of how well Stuart and his mother got along, and he felt like he was being replaced by his friend. "The Comic Book Store Regeneration" will presumably delve deeper into Howard and Stuart's contentious relationship, and maybe the guys will finally bury the hatchet when they come together to mourn their loss.

The episode probably won't feature a lot of funny moments due to its subject matter, but at least fans will get to take in a more lighthearted episode the week before.

In "The Anxiety Optimation," Sheldon will decide that he needs to raise his stress levels in order to perform better at work. He'll ask his friends to find ways to annoy him, which they'll probably enjoy immensely. He'll also try to irritate himself by listening to really loud Taylor Swift music, but he'll discover that he isn't immune to Swifty's charms -- Dr. Cooper will even admit that he likes the singer.

Spoiler TV recently shared a Big Bang Theory set photo that appears to show Sheldon trying (and failing) to get annoyed while listening to Taylor Swift.

Sheldon Cooper Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift will definitely have to sing "Soft Kitty" in Sheldon's honor after The Big Bang Theory returns on January 29.

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