Stephen Hawking Reveals Most Perplexing Mystery in the Universe… Women

Stephen Hawking has spent most of his life unraveling the mysteries of the universe. But there is still one thing that he can’t, and probably never will, be able to grasp. The world-renown scientists revealed in a recent interview that women are the most perplexing beings in the universe.

Hawking, who turns 70 this month, was recently interviewed by the New Scientists. When asked about what he spends his day thinking about the most, Hawking replied:

Women. They are a complete mystery.”

Reuters reports that Hawking will celebrate his 70th birthday this Sunday by giving a speech a public symposium entitled “The State of the Universe” at the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Theoretical Cosmology. Hawking will be joined by Nobel Prize-winning physicist Saul Perlmutter, British Astronomer Royal Martin Rees, and one of the world’s leading theoretical physicists, Kip Thorne.

Hawking, who recently retired from his position as the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University, a position once held by Isaac Newton, will have his life’s work on display at a new exhibit at the Science Museum in London later this month.