PlayStation Vita sales continue to decline in third week

While the PlayStation Vita may have had a relatively successful launch with roughly 321,000 units sold within the first 48 hours, the second week saw a significant decline to 72,479 units for the whole week.

Unfortunately for Sony, it doesn’t appear to be getting any better, either. In fact, the most recent sales stats are significantly worse. According to stats from Media Create, the PlayStation Vita only managed to sell 42,648 units in its third week.

Just as was the case last week, the PlayStation Vita was outsold by its predecessor, the PlayStation Portable, as well as the PlayStation 3, which sold 62,746 and 67,199 respectively. The Nintendo 3DS kept the top spot on the charts despite a bit of a dive in sales; the 3DS sold 197,952, down from 482,200 sales from the week before.

It’s far too early to start calling the PlayStation Vita a success or a failure, but it’s nonetheless curious that the PlayStation Vita appears to be struggling to sell in Japan, its home turf.

Will you be buying a PlayStation Vita when it launches in February?

Source: Andriasang