President Obama To Europe: You Need To Do A Better Job Of Integrating Muslims — Terrifying Video Proves Otherwise

Though President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron have recently been portrayed by the media, and themselves, as being quite chummy as they unite following last week’s Islamic terrorist attacks in France, in statements made side by side Friday, Obama and Cameron’s messages came out quite differently.

In his statement, President Obama told Europe that they needed to do a better job of assimilating their foreign Muslims, and that the U.S. has done a better job than Europe in this regard, reports the Mirror.

“Our biggest advantage (in the United States) is that our Muslim populations, they feel themselves to be Americans. There is this incredible process of immigration and assimilation that is part of our tradition… There are parts of Europe in which that is not the case and that’s probably the greatest danger that Europe faces.”

Some saw Obama as being condescending and completely out in left field. President Obama’s statements may also have caused some surprise in Europe, since many European countries have bent over backward to provide programs and avenues for foreign Muslims to integrate and more easily assimilate into their new European homeland.

With this in mind, David Cameron, meanwhile, his eyebrows raised just a little, acknowledged the need for Europe to do its best to help integrate and assimilate Muslim immigrants. At the same time, however, the British Prime Minister also noted that, despite Europe’s efforts, even among Muslim groups that were “well-integrated,” violent Islamic extremists were still finding young Muslim terrorist recruits readily available.

“You can have, tragically, people who have had all the advantages of integration, who have had all the economic opportunities our countries can offer, who still get seduced by this poisonous, radical death cult of a narrative.”

The video below — which pits a young British woman returning to her hometown, Luton, just outside of London, against both female and male Islamic extremist thugs — underlines David Cameron’s assertion that, despite Europe’s best efforts, many Muslims have no interest in European-assimilating, President Obama apparently feels there is still hope with such people.


So, while President Obama’s hopeful view of Europe simply doing a better job of assimilating its Muslims to create an Islamic-Terrorist-Free future is unfortunately countered by the realities of what is actually happening in European neighborhoods, President Obama also indicated that he was ready to help seek justice for last week’s terrorist attacks in France.

“I know David (Cameron, British Prime Minister) joins me when I say that we will continue to do everything in our power to help France seek the justice that is needed, and that all our countries are working together seamlessly to prevent attacks and to defeat these terrorist networks… (The Paris attacks) underscored how terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIL are actively trying to inspire and support people within our own countries to engage in terrorism.”

President Obama also said that bringing down the “hammer” wasn’t the answer for stopping Islamic terrorism in Europe. History will prove whether President Obama’s assumption is correct.