Graphic Nursery Abuse Footage Catches A Teacher Slapping A Child To The Ground For Not Eating [Video]

A graphic video of abuse in a South Korean nursery has surfaced, showing a child being hit so hard that she is thrown to the ground. News of the abuse has caused an uproar in South Korea, as parents and officials question how the teacher was able to carry out such a horrific act of abuse in front of all the other children. After a brief investigation, at least four more incidents of abuse by the teacher were discovered. The video comes out just a week after another video emerged from the United States, in which a mother abuses her children just off screen of her iPad.

South Korean nursery child smacked by teacher

According to FOX 13 in Salt Lake City, the nursery school teacher attempted to force a young child to eat kimchi, a traditional dish made with fermented cabbage. The child could not eat the food, and proceeds to spit it out. The teacher, outraged, smacks the child so hard that she flies to the ground. After a few seconds, the girl picks up her spoon again, obviously afraid of being hit one more time.

The teacher and the nursery school are under investigation for the incident, and it has sent fear to parents that it is not an isolated incident. As a result, the teacher is currently being detained. Since the investigation started, at least four more credible reports of violence in the classroom have been discovered.

Outraged parents have taken to picketing outside the nursery, in shifts, with signs that read, “no to violence against children, no to child abuse.” One mother that has decided to hold a sign does not have a child in the nursery, but wants to do her part to support the children.

“I don’t send my child to nursery but this is not someone else’s problem, we all have to fight together.”

FOX 8 News reported that there is currently a sign posted on the door of the nursery, apologizing for the abuse and hurting the child. The nursery is currently closed down while the investigation continues.

The video has captured the attention of concerned people all over the world, wondering when the abuse of children will stop. A similar case was caught on video in December when a child would not take a nap, resulting in a teacher throwing the child to the ground.

According to a report on FOX 8 News, nearly 3 percent of child abuse cases take occur within a nursery.

[Photo Courtesy: Fox 13 Now]