ISIS Graphic Video: Gay Men Thrown From Rooftops, Woman Stoned To Death In Iraq

Just when the world thought ISIS couldn’t be any more brutal, a new, graphic video surfaced, showing what the terrorist group does to their own people.

The disturbing clip shows how two blindfolded men, their hands bound behind their back, are thrown from a rooftop because they were reportedly gay. As a crowd is assembled to watch the cruel execution, the thugs push the men to their death.

Additionally, the video includes a similarly upsetting image — not for the first time in that part of the world — of a woman, dressed in the traditional Muslim garb, being stoned to death for adultery. The men surrounding the victim on the ISIS video make a point to show a flag belonging to the terrorist organization.

The video shows the extremes to which ISIS will go to terrorize those who live under their rule. The images of the gay men thrown from the top of a roof reportedly come from Mosul, Syria, where the barbaric group has based operations since it overtook the city in June of 2014.

January 16, 2015

One of the pictures shows a man with his face covered by a black balaclava, reading out the sentence imposed on the man under Sharia Law — an extreme version of Islamic Laws. The caption to the photograph says that the verdict was issued by a Sharia court in “Wilayat Nineveh,” ISIS’ name for Mosul and its surrounding area, according to a report in Radio Free Europe.

In another image, the caption says that the man had committed the crime of the practices of the “people of Lot,” a reference to sodomy, and that he must be killed by being “thrown from a high place.” Then the man is pushed to his death, and yet another photo shows the dead man’s body on the ground.

As far as the woman stoned to death for adultery is concerned, the ISIS video shows a group of men surrounding the female, clad in a black tunic, her face also covered in the custom of Muslims. A man carrying a black ISIS flag is seen standing next to her as she is stoned with large rocks until she is dead.

This is not the first time that ISIS has released propaganda featuring terrorists committing such atrocities. In December of 2014, similar disturbing images surfaced from inside Iraq, close to the border with Syria, where the terrorists hold an enclave, of a man thrown from a rooftop. Additionally, several reports indicate that the group stones women and men to death for adultery.

[Image via Twitter]