Super Bowl Odds: Vegas Picks the Green Bay Packers to Win Super Bowl XLVI

Bookies in Las Vegas are betting on the Green Bay Packers to win Super Bowl XLVI.

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers are currently the 9-5 favorites to win the Superbowl, according to Cantor Gaming. But if you believe in miracles, and huge payouts, the Denver Broncos are heading into the playoffs as 50-1 underdogs.

Cantor Race & Sports director Mike Colbert said that the Packers deserve to be the favorites, but he doesn’t think that the team will be able to pull off its second consecutive Super Bowl victory. With a weak defense, Colbert says that the good money is on the Saints or Patriots.

Colbert said:

“Offense seems to rule the day right now in the NFL, but I’m not sure that (the Packers) defense will be able to hold up long enough to win it all.”

Sports gambling expert RJ Bell of said that the Packers (15-1) have a 32% chance of winning the Super Bowl. Bell said:

“That, to me is the story: Not how prohibitive of a favorite they are, but the fact that they’re being given less than a one in three chance. The Patriots and Saints combined have a better chance than the Packers.”

Bell gives the Patriots, the top seed in the AFC, an 18 percent shot, and the Saints a 15 percent chance of winning football’s biggest game.

Drew Brees told Business Week:

“We’re playing as well as we’ve played all season long right now. The real season starts now. We have to continue to progress and get better. All of our goals, dreams and aspirations are right there in front of us.”

Here are the current odds for Superbowl XLVI.

  • Atlanta Falcons 35/1
  • Baltimore Ravens 8/1
  • Cincinnati Bengals 65/1
  • Denver Broncos 50/1
  • Detroit Lions 40/1
  • Green Bay Packers 9/5
  • Houston Texans 40/1
  • New England Patriots 4/1
  • New Orleans Saints 9/2
  • New York Giants 20/1
  • Pittsburgh Steelers 8/1
  • San Francisco 49ers 8/1

Who do you think will win Super Bowl XLVI?