Hero Cat Saves Abandoned Baby From Freezing To Death in Russia [Video]

Tresha Barrett

Meet Masha, a long-haired neighborhood cat who's been hailed a hero after she saved an abandoned baby from freezing to death in sub-zero temperatures.

In the Russian town of Obninsk, the feline hero found the baby boy in a box on a staircase, and climbed into the box to keep the baby warm. After a few hours, she saw local resident Irna Lavrova, and she began meowing loudly to get the woman's attention.

Concerned, Irna walked over to check on the cat and discovered the baby in the box with her.

hero cat

After the police and the medics came, the concerned cat remained close to the baby, even following the ambulance when it left.

"When an ambulance worker took the baby to bring him into the car, the cat followed him and pitifully meowed," said Lavrova - adding that the worried feline also tried to jump into the ambulance to follow the baby.

The infant, who had been left with a few diapers and some food, was rushed to a local hospital and found to be in good health.

The furry hero has been living as a stray cat in the Russian neighborhood for three years, where she's been petted, sheltered, and fed by the residents. And now that she's been hailed a deserved hero, Masha will undoubtedly be getting quite a few extra treats and cuddles.

"Everyone in the block is very proud of her and we have all spoiled her rotten by giving her her favorite food." Lavrova informed Ruptly news agency.

[Image via RuptlyTV]