‘Feed The Pigs’: Video Emerges Of Woman Throwing Raw Bacon At Cops Because God Said To

The internet has failed us many times before in life, most notably when it didn’t cough up video of Diddy slapping Drake. The greatest tool for knowledge dissemination man has ever known has finally come through in one case, though, as it has given us video of one woman throwing bacon at police because of three words she said God said to her:

“Feed the pigs.”

No, she wasn’t following through on some twisted interpretation of John 21:17 when, late in December, Lindsey McNamara walked into a Framington police station and began heaving pork products. Instead, McNamara was, well, apparently in the grip of some sort of mental illness.

Lieutenant Harry Wareham told the Boston Globe at the time that McNamara approached an officer “with a great smile on her face,” telling him that she was there to “feed the pigs.” She then took bacon and sausages out of a Dunkin’ Donuts box and smeared it on the window of the dispatch office.

Wareham added, “It’s clear she may need help.”

When the story broke, there was no video. Now, because the universe loves us, there is video. Video and much rejoicing in the land.


McNamara was, of course, arrested and charged with malicious destruction of property, though no property appears to have been destroyed given the video. In court, McNamara told the judge “Somebody’s out to get me. I don’t know who it is, but somebody is out to get me.”

As to the charges filed against her, McNamara pointed out that she did not destroy any – you know what, it’s best to let McNamara describe her defense in her own words.

“I mean, I didn’t really destruct property,” she said. “I just smeared some grease.”

[Image courtesy fo WCVB]