Scotch In A Can Is Coming To A Store Near You

Forget soda, beer and even malt liquor in a can the newest offering packs a far greater punch, it’s Scotch whiskey in a can. The idea was thought up by Scottish Spirits Imports who plans to introduce the aluminum cans in the United States by February 1.

Each can contains 12 ounces (8 shots) of 80-proof “single grain scotch whiskey” which was distilled and aged for three years in oak casks located in Scotland.

The cost of each can is expected to be just $5 which isn’t bad for a “get drunk quick” remedy considering a shot at your local pub could easily run you $3 or $4.

The move to the low cost aluminum can comes at a time when even some of the most staunch micro-brewers have moved to the cans to help reduce costs while acquiring new customers.


As Lew Bryson, managing editor of Whisky Advocate magazine notes:

“They are opaque, they are completely airtight, and the liners are pretty darn good,” plus “It is not going to be affecting the flavor. The problem you run into is who is going to bang out 12 ounces in an evening?”

Sure it’s likely some drinkers will over indulge once they pop open the can, then again it could be a great novelty item for parties and the low cost could lend itself to some bar owners incorporating the idea into their bar area as they mix drinks for visitors.

Then again there is always the option to purchase one of those can sealing plastic tops if the beverage becomes a mainstay in your home. The company is also working on a ‘resealable’ top for their cans which will allow customers to more easily seal the product without the need for additional pieces.

In the meantime the real test will be determining if the Scotch tastes good enough for consumers to purchase on a regular basis.

Do you think Scotch in a can is a novelty item that will quickly go away or a whole new method for purchasing scotch whiskey?