WHO Returns? Did This 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Actor's Selfie Just Give Away A Huge 'Force Awakens' Secret?

As tight-lipped as Disney is on its Marvel and Lucasfilm properties, it's a rare occurrence to get anything in the way of leaks on Star Wars: Episode VII. Sometimes, the spoiler gods smile on us, though, and one Force Awakens actor's selfie could well have spilled the beans on one of the biggest Episode VII reveals to date.

October of last year brought us confirmation that Warwick Davis, who played the Ewok Wicket, would be returning in Star Wars: Episode VII. As with much of the cast, no one knows exactly what character Davis will be playing, but the diminutive actor has been happy to show off his involvement in The Force Awakens. As Yahoo! Movies so helpfully pointed out, one of the ways Davis shares his experience on the set is through selfies.

star wars episode vii force awakens
Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens will have Chewbacca back, of course, but will it also...

star wars episode vii force awakens
...bring back Darth Vader? Images via Yahoo! Movies

The second one, of course, is the one that should grab your attention. We've known for quite some time that Chewbacca – along with much of the rest of the original trilogy's cast – would be returning for Episode VII. That second picture, though, has Davis apparently standing in front of the one and only Darth Vader. There's been a lot of talk over who the villains will be for The Force Awakens, and there have even been rumors that Darth Vader was going to make a return in some form, but Davis' selfies seem to indicate that there's a Vader costume on set, though we don't know exactly what it's there for.

The Vader suit could be just there for decoration, but some have speculated that it could well be something that pops up in the course of Episode VII. Vader could easily pop up in a flashback or a vision, given his connection to the Force, but there's pretty much no way to know until the film opens later this year.

It's not terribly likely, given the secrecy surrounding every other aspect of the film, that Davis would be allowed to let a big secret like this slip, but stranger things have happened. Will we see the return of Darth Vader in Episode VII? Will Star Wars' greatest villain show up on screen as a flashback? An apparition?

Man, December looks so far away right now.

[Lead image via NeoSeeker]