Leonardo DiCaprio: Showdowns With De Niro And Hookups With Rihanna [Video]

Leonardo DiCaprio never fails to make headlines for both his acting skills and his eventful love life. The 40-year-old award-winning actor continues to keep an attentive audience focused on his “private life” after recently being repeatedly spotted with superstar songstress Rihanna. Sources say that although the relationship is not official, the two are spending a whole lot of time together.

As Hollywood Life reports, the heat is definitely getting turned up. A source indicates DiCaprio and the diva are going out of their way to get quality time, and that it is “a whole process. She switches cars and drivers and meets him in very discreet places. They’ve got a system and they’re keeping it between themselves and extremely private.”

In addition, the Daily Mail unveils that DiCaprio and Rihanna have continued to fuel the fire and keep the rumor mill churning by hitting clubs and events together.

“They both made quick undercover entrances to a Hollywood party on Wednesday night. The two stars were seen heading into the Sunset Marquis in West Hollywood to celebrate Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill’s birthday party.”

Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna have been reportedly spending a lot of time together, image via New York Magazine

DiCaprio, who not only entertains with the list of women he’s been linked to, is also known for his praiseworthy roles in films, including those in Martin Scorsese films such as Gangs of New York and The Wolf of Wall Street. However, up until recently, Leonardo had yet to join another Scorsese favorite, Mr. Robert De Niro, in a film by the notable director.

The day has finally come that the two not only appear together, but go head-to-head as rivals in a short commercial that was, in fact, directed by Scorsese. Have a look at the brief clip.