‘Parenthood’ Spoilers: ‘Let’s Go Home’ Brings Big Decisions For The Braverman Family

Only three episodes of Parenthood remain before viewers say their final goodbyes to the Braverman family. A new episode airs on Thursday, January 15 and fans are bracing themselves for some drama. What can viewers expect? There are a few Parenthood spoilers available and it sounds like it will be a great show.

The Season 6, Episode 11 show is titled “Let’s Go Home.” TV Guide teases that Camille and Zeek will find some old rolls of film and Max develops them. Fans can already imagine how powerful and emotional this part of the show will get given Zeek’s health issues and the end of the series looming.

In addition, Julia and Sarah will talk about their relationship challenges. A Parenthood spoiler sneak peek from Entertainment Weekly shows Sarah telling Julia that Hank proposed. Obviously, Sarah was caught off-guard by Hank’s sudden proposal, and she isn’t sure how to answer. Julia answers in a very Julia way: make a pros and cons list.

In the most recent episode, viewers saw that The Luncheonette had been burglarized, and the insurance money would give Adam and Crosby a big opportunity for recovery. Crosby wants to move ahead with rebuilding the business, but Adam wants out. Things are going to get tense on this one, and a Parenthood spoiler preview from TV Guide shows Zeek and Adam discussing the situation.

Adam feels torn. He wants to move on and figure out what comes next in his life, but he feels trapped and obligated to stick with The Luncheonette and help fulfill Crosby’s dream. Zeek tells Adam what he thinks, and Adam is a bit surprised. It seems that things get so complicated on this topic that Jasmine finally steps in to try to help resolve things.

A writer for this episode shared via BuzzFeed a tiny Parenthood spoiler that the last line of this episode matches the title: “Let’s go home.” Who says it and in what context? While there are several scenarios that would fit, fans will have to tune in to find out. It certainly could relate to Joel and Julia, Sarah and Hank, or even Crosby and Adam, but many would imagine it’s Zeek and Camille who share this line.

The final two episodes of the series are titled “We Made It Through the Night,” airing on January 22, and “May God Bless and Keep You Always,” airing on January 29. In the next episode, Amber will go in to labor, Camille and Zeek will make a decision about his health, Sarah shares happy news, and Adam takes a stand.

The finale shows Sarah preparing for a special day, Hank posing big questions to Drew and Zeek, Amber adjusting to motherhood, and a crucial decision for Joel and Julia. In addition, Kristina will come up with a plan for Adam and his future. Previous Parenthood spoilers have revealed that Haddie will return for that final episode, and many are curious to see how that transpires.

There has been a lot of talk that someone may die before that finale Parenthood scene, but fans aren’t sure whether it’s really coming or not. Obviously, it has looked as if Zeek could die, but fans are hopeful there will be a peaceful and happy ending for the Bravermans in this run. There certainly are no Parenthood spoilers within the final episode descriptions hinting at a fatality, but fans won’t know for certain until these final shows air.

It has been said that the final scene of the series will be an emotional one that gives closure and a sense of what the future holds for the Braverman family. While Zeek could still die, some suspect that the mortality challenge the family faces has already been playing out in the serious health troubles Zeek has faced, but that he will still be standing in the end.

It is easy to imagine the family all together in that final scene with the kids playing, Hank and Sarah married, Joel and Julia together, everybody happy and Zeek and Camille smiling as they watch it all. However, fans won’t know for certain until those final moments on January 29. Viewers are heartbroken to see it all end, but they are hopeful for an ending that does the series justice. The final three episodes of Parenthood air Thursday nights on NBC.

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