WWE News: Kevin Nash Never Wants To Return To WWE Programming

It appears that WWE legend Kevin Nash never wants to return to any kind of WWE programming again following the way WWE handled Nash during his recent domestic dispute. As of today, all of the domestic charges against Nash have been dropped, and it’s likely that WWE — who suspended Nash during the domestic case — will lift his suspension.


Nash followed up his previous tweet late last night by saying that he understands why WWE suspended him, but it’s just difficult for him to always be “guilty until proven innocent.”


Before his domestic dispute, Nash was originally scheduled to appear on next Monday’s edition of RAW, which is the Royal Rumble go-home show. WWE’s plan was to have Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Hulk Hogan have an NWO reunion, however, Nash has been pulled from the show, and has been replaced by Ric Flair.

Because the charges against Nash have been dropped this week, there’s a chance that WWE could reach out to him and ask him to appear on this Monday’s RAW. But — due to Nash’s recent tweets — it appears he’s not interested in doing anything WWE-related at the moment.

Triple H — who is one of Nash’s best friends — could end up convincing Nash to make his originally scheduled appearance on next Monday’s RAW, as many WWE fans view Scott Hall and Kevin Nash as a package deal, and would want to see an NWO reunion with its original three members.

If Nash ends up appearing on next Monday’s RAW, there’s no official word on what exactly the point of an NWO reunion would be, or what Nash, Hall and Hogan would do. It’s unlikely that they would have a physical confrontation with anyone, as it’s likely that the only one of the three that could do anything physical is Kevin Nash.

If Kevin Nash refuses to appear on RAW next Monday and refuses to appear on anything WWE-related ever again, it won’t hurt WWE, as Nash has made less than 10 appearances on WWE television since his return to the company in 2011.

This isn’t the first time Nash has been disgruntled with WWE. Back in 1996 he decided to leave WWE after a conflict with Bret Hart, in 2004 he left WWE and joined TNA and said publicly that he’d never work for Vince McMahon again, and in 2011, after his storyline with Triple H, he publicly stated that he thought WWE was trying to screw with him because they booked him in a ladder match.

Nash, 55, will likely never wrestle another match for WWE.

[Image via WWE]