Michael Jackson Accuser Gets Extension In Court Case

Even though Michael Jackson isn’t with us anymore, it appears that his name and his alleged deeds just can’t stay out of court.

James Safechuck, 36, originally came out in August of 2014 and accused Jackson of sexually abusing him when he was a child. The accusations came after another former Jackson acquaintance made accusations against Jackson in May of 2013. Wade Robson, the former choreographer, began a legal battle with Jackson and his estate, asking for money in reparation for the damages he incurred from the abuse from Jackson. Safechuck didn’t come forward until 2014, and there was talk that it was too late.

The lawyers for the Jackson estate argued that Safechuck had 60 days from when Robson went public to file his own claim. It was far more than 60 days, though, before he filed anything.

Safechuck and his lawyers fought, though. Their argument was that it wasn’t until Robson’s confession that Safechuck decided to seek psychological help. It was getting that help that made it apparent to him that he had been sexually abused by Jackson. According to the Brentwood Patch, Safechuck’s lawyers stated that he isn’t bound by the original 60 day limit because Safechuck “did not fully comprehend what happened until he underwent counseling.”

According to My News LA, Safechuck’s lawyers claim that Jackson “brainwashed” him and made Safechuck think that they were “acts of love and instigated by James himself.” Safechuck and his lawyers allege that Jackson molested him approximately 100 times over the course of four years.

Los Angeles Supreme Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff was the one to give judgment on whether or not Safechuck would be able to pursue a case against Jackson and his estate. It was Beckloff’s decision to allow the latest Jackson accuser “an amended complaint to be filed on behalf of James Safechuck that further explains how Jackson’s actions allegedly misled the plaintiff to a point where he was unable to immediately understand what was happening to him.”

Safechuck originally met Jackson on the set for their late 1980’s commercial for the popular soft drink, Pepsi. He was only 10-years-old at the time. Although there are many fans of the King of Pop out there who might say that Safechuck and even Robson are doing this just for the money, these aren’t the only instances of Jackson being accused of sexual abuse.

In a 2013 report by the New York Daily News, before Safechuck came forward, there were 24 boys who had come forward to accuse Jackson. They reported that Jackson spent “nearly $35 million in a desperate bid to cover up his crimes.”

Whether you believe him or not, it appears that James Safechuck will get another chance to pursue his case against the late Michael Jackson.

[Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia]