‘Million Dollar Listing’ Star Gets Caught Up In Kidnapping Scam

Million Dollar Listing star Michael Lorber may not be an agent you associate with the success of the show, but Lorber was actually on the very first season of Million Dollar Listing: New York alongside Fredrik Eklund and Ryan Serhant. On the show, Michael was very shy and quiet compared to the two other agents, as he was just getting started in the real-estate industry, and had some big shoes to fill.

But after one season of Million Dollar Listing, Lorber quit the show and decided to try something new. He has been working on expanding his personal real-estate portfolio, but there are some downsides to being famous and having money in the bank account. And last month, this former Million Dollar Listing star had a scary experience.

According to a new Bravo report, Million Dollar Listing star Michael Lorber experienced what he calls the scariest experience of his life. He was involved in a virtual kidnapping plot, and he opened up about his ordeal to the New York Post.

“It was the worst experience of my life,” the former Million Dollar Listing agent said about extortionists supposedly holding his brother hostage, saying, “They told me Brian had been in a car accident, they’d kidnapped him, broken his hand, and I needed to meet them with $2,000 in cash to pay for the damage to their car. They said they had his cellphone and they’d shoot him in the head if I called him.”

The Million Dollar Listing Bravo agent said that he got a phone call from a blocked number in December from these people. Apparently, they told him that his brother had been in a car accident and that he had been kidnapped. If Michael didn’t come forward with the ransom, Brian would be killed.

“They said I had to stay on the phone, and if I dropped the call they’d immediately shoot my brother. They said once they heard my car starting, they’d tell me where to meet with the money,” he reveals about the ordeal.

It is possible that he was targeted, given his past on Million Dollar Listing and his rich family. Michael slipped his assistant a note, saying to call his brother on another line. Luckily, his brother was fine and in his office. As Lorber says, he is lucky that he didn’t go meet them.

But being on Million Dollar Listing could have had something to do with this scheme. The agents on the show do get lots of attention and they do talk about earning lots of money. For example, Luis D. Ortiz has been getting lots of publicity lately, and according to the Inquisitr, Million Dollar Listing star Fredrik Eklund’s two dogs recently got some exposure as well.

Do you think his role on Million Dollar Listing led him to be a victim of this fake kidnapping scheme?

[Image via Bravo]