Gwen Stefani Supports Son Wearing Nail Polish

Gwen Stefani supports all of her sons wearing nail polish. In what’s still considered gender bending, Stefani says that she’s all for her sons expressing who they are, including nail polish.

Stefani sat down for an interview with PrideSource and explained just how important it is that her three sons, Kingston, Apollo, and Zuma express themselves.

“It’s really important more than anything else to not be talked into something, to stand your ground and to be able to be strong about what you feel. That’s what I like and that’s what I want them to learn — that being individual and being unique is important. Don’t be scared of that.”

She continued, and put an emphasis on not wanting her children to fit the mold based on what they see in society.

“I don’t want them to try to be like everyone else, and at that age, everybody just wants to have the same shoes everybody else has, and I don’t really like that.”

When it comes to showing off their nail polish, Gwen said that it’s only natural given the environment that she’s raised her sons in.

“I literally have 400 bottles of nail polish, so they took them all out and put them all over the bathroom. We really played ‘Salon’ and we did tiger stripe nails. I said to Kingston, ‘Are you sure you wanna do pink, because you’re gonna go to school tomorrow? Are you sure you’re not gonna be embarrassed?’ He said, “No, I don’t care; it’s a cool color. I really love that.”

Here’s some fan response over Stefani’s refreshing comments.

As it turns out, the former No Doubt singer has her own nail polish line. OPI is currently carrying a whole line with colors that are cleverly named after Stefani’s focus in pop culture and music. Some of the colors that are available for purchase through OPI are, “I Sing in Color,” “Love. Angel. Music. Baby.,” “4 in the Morning,” “In True Stefani Fashion,” “Push and Shove,” and “Over & Over A-Gwen”

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