WWE News: Jim Ross Returning To Announce Desk With Lucha Underground?

Few superstars and personalities end up crossing over from the professional wrestling world to the mainstream audience. Men like the Rock, John Cena, Hulk Hogan, and Stone Cold Steve Austin became popular outside of WWE. They got their start in WWE, which then gave them a worldwide audience to entertain on a weekly basis.

There is one man that only wrestled a handful of matches who is just as popular as the Rock, Hogan, or even Austin. Jim Ross, a wrestling legend, is arguably the greatest wrestling announcer of all-time. His calls in WWE are still used today in GIFs, memes, and even videos that go viral nearly every week. Since his departure from the WWE in 2013, Ross is still used to make internet videos even better.

After taking a brief hiatus from wrestling announcing, the former WWE play-by-play commentator was on the call for Wrestle Kingdom 9, which Global Force Wrestling was involved in. It was held at the Tokyo Dome in Japan on January 4. Since a return to the WWE looks out of the question, Jim Ross may be headed to another wrestling promotion full-time: Lucha Underground.

Mexican wrestling legend mentioned on a recent edition of his online podcast that has been in back-and-forth negotiations with the El Rey Network and AAA regarding announcing for Lucha Underground.

Konnan noted that he wasn’t sure if J.R. would rotate with and for two-man broadcast teams, or if all three would work together as a trio if he were to come to terms with the promotion.

Ross’ voice is missed in the wrestling community, as many WWE fans still wish he was announcing Monday Night Raw instead of Michael Cole. To give Cole credit, he does a fine job for the role he is given. However, there will be wrestling traditionalists whoi will miss the “Good Ol’ JR” on commentary. Even though he doesn’t announce, he still does talk about the WWE on a weekly basis.

His style also was different than others, as he knew every wrestling move and applied it to the story being told in the ring. Today’s commentary style in WWE often goes away from what is happening in the ring. Instead, Cole and JBL often stray away and talk about the WWE Network or storyline outside of the ring.

WWE fans, or most wrestling fans in general, are concerned about what is going on currently. The wrestlers tell a story in the ring with their mannerisms, moves, and overall reactions to their actions. Not too often does a match in the WWE focus on the “out of ring” story.

Jim Ross was a perfect commentator during the Attitude Era and beyond in the WWE. Now, it looks like he’ll take his craft to a new brand in the pro wrestling industry: Lucha Underground.

[Image via awfulannouncing.com]