‘RHONJ’ Marriage On The Rocks? Teresa Giudice Reportedly Enlists Friends To Spy On Joe

Is a RHONJ marriage on the rocks? According to a new report, Teresa Giudice is worried husband Joe may cheat on her while she’s behind bars.

On January 15, Radar Online reported the following.

“[Teresa worries] he will get together with another woman. Joe is quite the ladies man, and has never had any trouble attracting hot chicks. Believe it or not, Joe is quite charming, and flirts up a storm.”

The RHONJ marriage has been seen for years on the Bravo reality show, and while Joe doesn’t have the best reputation with viewers, Teresa has stuck by him for 15 years. Still, that doesn’t mean she’s convinced he wouldn’t cheat on her while she’s incarcerated.

So, in an effort to lower the chances of Joe’s infidelities, Teresa has reportedly enlisted her friends to keep an eye on him.

“Teresa has asked close friends to check in with Joe frequently, and be aware of any new women on the scene. She is truly scared that Joe is going to stray.”

As the site noted, Joe has been accused of cheating on his wife numerous times throughout the RHONJ marriage. In 2012, he was spotted was at TGI Fridays having drinks with an unidentified woman, and in 2013, he and another woman were seen sharing a meal at Legends Diner. Joe was also accused of engaging in an affair with his and Teresa’s nanny, Nicole Cemelli.

“Teresa would be livid if Joe started a relationship with another woman, especially if their four kids found out about it.”

On January 14, as the Inquisitr reported, Giudice’s lawyer, James Leonard Jr., spoke out earlier this week, slamming tabloids for printing bogus stories about his client.

“The misinformation being published by various media outlets regarding my client and the details of her incarceration are blatantly false,” Leonard Jr. told E! News. “Whoever is buying these bogus stories, you’re wasting your money; whoever is reading them, you’re reading pure fiction; and whoever is selling them, legal action will be taken.”

“The reality is that Teresa is acclimating well to her current surroundings and she is keeping to herself. She has told me repeatedly that she is doing fine and that she is appreciative of the support she has gotten from her fans. She asks everyone to respect her privacy and that of her family during the coming weeks and months and she looks forward to being reunited with Joe and her girls.”

This RHONJ marriage isn’t the only one reportedly on the rocks. According to the Inquisitr, Teresa Aprea and her husband Rino may have parted ways at the end of last year.

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