‘The Hobbit’ Director Peter Jackson To Open WWI Museum

After finishing his work on The Hobbit trilogy, director Peter Jackson will help launch a World War I museum in Wellington, New Zealand. Jackson was speaking on Wednesday at a Screen Advisory Board event to promote local film projects with the Park Road Post Production offices.

According to the Associated Press, Jackson is a WWI history enthusiast. Peter owns planes from the era. The museum is planned to be opened in April on the Gallipoli battle’s 100th anniversary, which took place on the Gallipoli peninsula in what was then known as the Ottoman Empire. Other galleries would open afterward to commemorate New Zealanders and the other battles in which they fought.

Jackson showed up to the Park Road Post Production event casually, wearing shorts and going barefoot much like the title characters from his The Hobbit trilogy. Directors James Cameron and Jane Campion (The Piano) also attended.

Jackson was sought out to bring aircraft, tanks, and other works to the museum by the New Zealand government. Peter says that he is enjoying his work.

“That’s where most of my time is now, which is good. It’s fun. And it’s free. The exhibits will be very, very interesting, and I’m enjoying it.”

Other film projects after The Hobbit will have to wait, according to Jackson.

“It’s the first time in five years that I haven’t woken up in the morning and had deadlines… no phones ringing, screaming ‘When are we going to see this? When are we going to do that?’ And I’d forgotten what that’s like. So I’ll let that last for a little bit longer before I destroy it.”

New Zealand’s 3 News reports that Jackson indicated in August that his next film may be about World War II. Peter may direct a remake of the 1955 film Dam Busters. Jackson is currently creating an extended version of The Hobbit. The WWII film has not been confirmed.

As of Wednesday, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies has made $783 million worldwide since its release in mid-December. The Hobbit trilogy so far earned $2.76 billion worldwide.

The Inquisitr recently covered The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies’ dominance at the box office. The Hobbit won box office numbers for three weeks straight, beating out other Christmas releases, including Into the Woods and Unbroken. Taken 3 knocked The Hobbit out of the top spot in its fourth week of release.

[Photo Source: Mashable]