Jasmine Tridevil Video: ‘3-Breasted Woman’ Makes Singing Debut, No Really

A Florida woman is making good on her quest to “fame and fortune,” and her boobs — all three of them — are leading the charge. Jasmine Tridevil, aka the woman with three breasts, released a new music video this week. And depending on what system of measurement you use — no pun intended — the three-breasted woman’s video has gone viral, citing an In Touch Weekly report.

If you’re a member of Team Tridevil, the new video gives you more reason to cheer out loud and shake your tail feathers. However, if you’re in the camp that cringes at the site of Jasmine prancing about with her “breast implants” to round out her trio of boobs, you’re crying bloody murder.

The video, “Born to Serve,” is a music project directed by Jasmine Tridevil, real name Alisha Hessler, and shot in the Tampa area of the Sunshine State, the woman’s hometown. The project stars the woman with three breasts, who is depicted in the image of Nosferatu or a dominatrix — you be the judge.

Throughout the video are men in their skivvies playing subservient roles to Jasmine, who refers to them as slaves. They writhe all about her as she sings the chorus over and over, “men are born to serve.”

The lyrics in Tridevil’s video point to her apparent disdain for men in general. After all, Jasmine previously said the impetus for the surgery for a third boob was to “turn men off.”

In some scenes, instead of making it rain with dollar bills, as it’s often done in strip clubs with women exotic dancers, Jasmine throws handfuls of pennies at her gyrating male minions. Other scenes show her walking groups of leashed men in public like domestic dogs. And in another scene, she sings — rather talks — about flipping the script and turning the tides on men who treat women derogatorily.

One of the three-breasted woman’s scenes in the video involves taunting men held as slaves in cages. Ironically, this scene allegedly played out in real life, according to previous coverage by Inquisitr in September last year.

Then, a man claims he met the three-breasted woman online through a social media site. Shortly thereafter, he moved into her Tampa home.

However, after just three weeks, the man said he fled the home after he was kept as Jasmine Tridevil’s sex slave. Michael Squier, 18, said on the first day she held him against his will and carved initials onto his chest with a kitchen knife. Jasmine’s former housemate also claims a room in her home is dedicated to torture, and is equipped with chains, whips, and sex toys. It’s unknown if police are investigating the man’s claims to reporters.

As of this writing, Jasmine Tridevil’s “Born to Serve” music video has garnered some 60,000 YouTube views. Share your thoughts about the video of the woman with three breasts. Are you convinced they’re the real deal or prosthetic boobs, as some claim as part of a hoax?

[Image via: Bulk HD Wallpapers]