Morrissey 'Delighted’ After Matador Is Gored By Bull

Morrissey has expressed the "delight" he felt after female bullfighter Karla de los Angeles was gored in a bullring.

The maverick from Manchester who was big in the eighties for being the second most talented member of indy pop band The Smiths, has written a scathing article on his fan site True To You, about the lady matador who he argues was justifiably gored in a bullring in Mexico City.

In a trademark and hysterically dramatic fashion, Morrissey rebrands Karla de los Angeles as a "serial killer" and adds that he is "sad the bull did not come away with her ear."

When he's not busy baiting arch royalists and making fun of Kate Middleton, Morrissey known for winding up people who eat meat and those who are involved in bloodsports. His latest attack on the lady bullfighter, under the headline "The Shame of Beloved Mexico," is exceptionally acidic, even by Morrissey's notoriously high standards.

"Make no mistake: there is no such thing as bullfighting. For the torment and slaughter of each bull there is an avowed plan and a strict script, so therefore there is no possibility of a contest of any kind. Yet there is the illusion of contest and action even if the order of events is very efficient - so efficient, in fact, that whenever the bull "wins" it is reported that the event has 'gone wrong.'

"But why could anything go wrong if a contest is fair? Whenever the matador is suddenly at a disadvantage, other matadors rush to her/his aid, and they stab the bull. However, the bull is not allowed support from other bulls should he find himself similarly in trouble. For this reason, the event is superficial and can only appeal to people who have no intelligence."

Staunch vegetarian, Morrissey then goes on to describe Karla de los Angeles as driven by "perverted impulse." And in response to her radio interview where she confesses she is sad she failed to outwit a dying bull and cut of its ear, Morrissey snarls, "We are sad that the bull did not come away with your ear."

Morrissey then dismisses bullfighting as a sport and suggests it should be listed in travel publications as "torture." He then signs off by wishing Karla de los Angeles the very worst in life.

"The lack of moral heroism from Karla de los Angeles and her co-killers Hilda Tenorio and Lupita Lopez represents the very worst aspects of Mexican life, and for 2015 I wish all three women the very worst, for the very worst is their rightful due."