Modern Day Samurai Warrior Works As Hair Stylist -- Watch Him Use Sword To Cut Hair [Video]

When it comes to barbers and hair dressers, there are two kinds. The first are dedicated to customers. Most of us are accustomed to these stylists because they work at Hair Cuttery, Supercuts, or at local barber shops and salons. The other kind of stylist are those who showcase their craft as art. These innovators and visionaries -- people like the late Paul Mitchell or Traci Washington -- create the trends that evolve into the styles everyone wants despite possibly looking ridiculous. The 70s had big hair, 80s had mohawks, 90s had boy band cuts, and the turn of the New Millennium had the emo cut, later renamed to "The Bieber."

However, there is a new breed of stylist that is a combination of both. They work in barber shops and beauty salons, and stand out not through innovating hairstyles, but innovating how they perform their craft. In this respect, a hair stylist in Vietnam is surely expressing his own form of styling innovation because he doesn't use scissors. Instead, he becomes a modern day samurai warrior and opts for a sword to cut hair.

According to Metro and followed up by Elite Daily, Nguyen Hoang Hung brandishes the traditional samurai sword, known as a katana, when it comes to cutting hair. His reason why is because the sword creates a feathered, layered look to hair that is otherwise impossible if a pair of scissors were used. Nevertheless, the results seem to be satisfying, as customers in the video above seem pleased with their cuts albeit showing some apprehension during the actual styling.

Just so you know, Nguyen Hoang Hung has been practicing styling hair with a sword for more than three months. The video above was uploaded to YouTube last year near the end of October. This means that at the time of this video, Hung has been using a sword just under a month. If Hung is able to handle a sword with such grace in less than a month, imagine how he is now.

In conclusion, the ultimate factor on Nguyen Hoang Hung giving anyone a haircut is trust. Would you trust Hung enough to cut your hair in his signature style?

[Image via YouTube Screenshot]