Kids In Freezing Car Left To Die: Mom Walks Away From Children In Frigid Cold

A woman admits to leaving her kids in a freezing car to die in frigid North Dakota temperatures. The car wasn’t running and the children weren’t appropriately dressed for the harsh conditions, an FBI agents says.

KDLT News reports that Michelle Wounded Face, a 24-year-old Rosebud Sioux tribal member, is being charged with child abuse after she intentionally parked her vehicle and abandoned her children on the Fort Berthold Reservation.

According to court documents, the average temperature that day was one degree, and a wind chill advisory was in effect.

A report by WDAZ News 8 specifies that the kids in the freezing car were found near Lake Sakakawea on the reservation. Both children are under five years of age. Arugs Leader reports the ages of the children as being two and four. One didn’t have on a shirt, and the other was wearing only a tank top. Neither one were wearing shoes or socks. Police discovered the children frightened and shivering. There was an AR-15 rifle in the car as well.

After Wounded Face left her kids in the freezing car, she drove off in a vehicle without the owner’s permission. He was ice fishing nearby.

Soon thereafter, Wounded Face was found at home not far away. She was asked straight up by FBI Special Agent Megan Bennett if she left her children to die in the cold car, and she said said, “yeah.”

“When I asked Michelle if she left her car with the intention that her children should be dead when she returned to it, she told me, ‘honestly, yeah.'”

Wounded Face was in a detention hearing Wednesday, but the judge ended it when it didn’t appear that the mother understood what was going on. Magistrate Judge Charles Miller determined that the woman was showing signs of poor mental health. Wounded Face “poses a danger to herself, her children and the community,” Miller said.

Miller said he expects to order a mental competency evaluation on the woman who left her children in the freezing car.

Wounded Face’s behavior was suspicious when she went to the police station with her children on January 3 and claimed President Obama was mad at her.

If convicted on the child abuse charge, Wounded Face could face a maximum of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Another article on Inquisitr recently published also involved a mom who allegedly left her kids in a freezing car so she could go inside McDonalds and shoot up heroin. That occurred in Monroe, Michigan.

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