‘Portlandia’ Star Carrie Brownstein Talks Awkward Twitter Marriage Proposals And A 90’s Dance-Off [Video]

Carrie Brownstein is a very busy woman these days, juggling several projects simultaneously. From awkward Twitter marriage proposals to comedy to music, Brownstein is dishing about it all. Brownstein and Fred Armisen, co-stars on the quirky IFC comedy show Portlandia, appeared on Conan recently.

During the interview with Brownstein, Conan O’Brien asked about her fans.

“You’re getting marriage proposals now, from fans. How does this feel, that must be…a compliment?”

Carrie let him know how she feels about it in no uncertain terms.

“Really!? On Twitter or an Instagram comment seems like a not very romantic way to propose.”

Reportedly, Brownstein has received so many of these proposals that she joked she’s come up with an idea.

“I’m going to do a micro-Bachelor where it’s just me and some Twitter followers, and I’m just choosing which one I’m going to marry.”

Carrie Brownstein and Armisen were friends for years before starting Portlandia. He says he became a fan of Brownstein right away.

“All I know is that I didn’t want it to end. She makes me laugh and is so convincing. The thing about Carrie is that she is funny without trying hard to be funny. Her approach is always pitch perfect. And we have this chemistry that always makes it into the show.”

Perhaps that chemistry plays a large part in Portlandia’s success. Recently, Carrie and Fred were greeted with a rockstar welcome by celebrities and fans alike at the fifth season’s premiere at L.A.’s Ace Hotel theater. One of the show’s sketches has even been used by the FBI in their training procedures.

This season Portlandia is changing up its format — rather than several sketches in a half-hour, one story will be featured per episode. Brownstein is happy with this new format, though she says it’s made writing it more challenging.

“It’s that moment of discomfort that comes from growth and challenge that allows me to be a better performer. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Being settled in a show or in a creative environment is something I’m very wary of.”

Carrie Brownstein first gained fame as co-frontwoman of indie-punk band Sleater-Kinney. After taking a hiatus back in 2006, they’ve reunited and are releasing their first album in ten years on Jan. 19 titled No Cities to Love. Tickets quickly sold out. According to Pitchfork, Carrie shared her thoughts about working on the album.

“We did a ton of work on the songs—we would throw away a song we had been practicing for two weeks. The three of us can get in a room and start making songs that sound like Sleater-Kinney pretty fast, but that’s not necessarily good enough. We had to find a new approach to the band.”

In addition to Portlandia and reuniting with her band, Carrie Brownstein is also releasing a memoir this fall according to an interview with NME. The memoir will focus on Brownstein’s music career.

You can catch Carrie Brownstein on Portlandia on IFC. Brownstein will also be touring with Sleater-Kinney beginning in February.

[Image via Rolling Stone]